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How to choose the correct RV and caravan doors

The door is the one and only access point for your caravan and the main external access point for your RV, so how do you choose the correct RV and caravan doors? Maybe you want to simply update your door or it might be so damaged that you need a replacement. How easy is it really to find the right type of door?

Whether it’s for a caravan or an RV, you want a high quality door that’s built to last. You want it to be strong and sturdy, offering you good security and you want it to look good. Another factor to consider is that it doesn’t leak water into your caravan or RV, so it needs to have a solid seal around the edges.

AJ Plastics manufactures top of the line doors for both caravans and RVs. Our Australian made doors are built to withstand the harsh Aussie environment and are made from quality materials. There’s nothing flimsy about our doors, so they give you all the security you need to keep your mobile home safe and secure.

We have a range of standard RV and caravan doors available, but we can also customise your doors so they are a perfect fit, if standard sizes aren’t suitable for your mobile home. Let’s take a look at some of our doors, but if you’ve got any questions, just give us a call on 07 3262 2384.

Selecting the Right RV and Caravan Doors 

Here are some of the options available at AJ Plastics.

LCI 1000 Series RV Door – Square Top Corners

These doors are ideal for caravans or RVs where you don’t want a fly screen or a window in the door, but you want a square top to the corners of your doors. Suitable for both left and right hand openings, you have a white frame and white fibreglass outer skin. Locks come with both a deadbolt and a key lock, so there’s plenty of security. If you’re locked inside the caravan, these doors can be opened internally, so you can always get out of the RV or caravan easily.

LCI 8000 Series RV Door – Round or Square Top Corners

If you prefer a window with flyscreen then this door is ideal. It suits both RVs and caravans, and has a toughened glass tinted window so you can see what’s happening outside, but it also cuts down on UV rays. It comes with a right and left opening hinge and either round or square top corners. These RV or caravan doors are available in a white or black frame with either a white or black fibreglass outer skin. Most standard sizes are also available, as well as custom made options.

AJ Plastics Tear Drop Doors

These high quality tear drop doors are built for RVs and you can purchase both driver and passenger side doors (left and right openings). They feature a heavy duty slam latch and a vertical sliding window with fly screen. Available with a black fibreglass outer skin, they also come with a clamping frame that suits a 19mm wall.

If you want quality Australian made RV or caravan doors, you can’t go wrong with AJ Plastics!