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Custom shipping container windows & doors

Are you looking for custom shipping container windows and doors for your conversion? Shipping container conversions have been around for years, being used as site offices, lunch rooms, toilet blocks, mobile kitchens, dangerous goods storage, tool sheds and much more. Now they are starting to reach new heights with conversions into coffee shops, pop up retail stores, workshops, garages, and so on. They can even be joined together to create bespoke homes!

Since you can purchase a second hand container for about $2000 and a brand new container for around $5000, they are a very cost effective option. Even if you just want to create more storage on your land, containers that can withstand ocean storms will certainly be able to manage the Aussie environment in your backyard.

Conversions, however, require some serious DIY skills, although you can find companies who specialise in this type of work. At AJPM, we design and manufacture custom shipping container windows and doors for your conversions. 

Why do you need custom shipping container windows and doors?

When all is said and done, you are trying to convert a big metal box into some sort of accommodation. So it needs windows and doors, which is where we come into the picture, because we specialise in manufacturing shipping container windows and doors. Some of our best customers are mining companies who use these containers as site offices or portable homes, cabins, dongas, storage, toilet blocks, etc.

Now we are finding that other companies and even regular Aussies are getting into these conversions, finding that they are an affordable option for a variety of reasons. The problem is that these big metal boxes are dark and stuffy, because they only have one large opening at the end. So they need windows, doors and even skylights. The big positive with this situation is that you can create any size windows and doors for your container conversions, you are only limited by your design and the structural integrity of the container.

At AJPM, we can design any window, door or access door you need for your container conversion. We use either polycarbonate or acrylic materials, however, we find that polycarbonate is the more popular option, because it’s lightweight, flexible and resistant to breakages. All of these windows, doors and access doors are made in Australia using Australian materials and we have a fast and reliable turnaround. 

What windows and doors do you need?

We have manufactured shipping container windows and doors in a large variety of sizes and shapes, built to suit your container and the reason it’s being converted. For example, you can purchase a small 10ft container that’s suitable for tight situations when space is limited, but you still need the strength and portability of a shipping container. 

Then there’s the 20ft containers that seem to be the most popular option for most people, regardless of usage and finally, the largest 40ft containers. All of these containers need windows and doors to bring in both air and light, otherwise they would be too dark and dingy. Even if you only want to use the container for storage, it’s a good idea to fit a few windows to prevent the interior becoming musty and at least one side door for easy access.

If you’re taking on your own conversion and need shipping container windows and doors, all you need to do is send us the dimensions you require, type of window (fixed or sliding), whether you want flyscreen, and polycarbonate or acrylic. We can even talk you through your order on the phone to make sure that you have considered everything before signing off on your order.

Benefits of container conversions

Shipping containers are extremely versatile and are built to last for years through some very tough conditions. Their strength and portability means that they can be used for a lot of different conversions, even being transported around from place to place. 

Benefits of containers for mining and construction sites

For example, mining companies move them around from site to site, depending on their needs and because they are so strong and tough they can take a beating and still come out looking good. 

Containers are much stronger and more durable than other temporary options, such as cabins, site offices, toilet blocks or storage options for mining sites and even construction sites.  

  • Tough, durable and long lasting.
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Can be lined up easily in rows.

Benefits of containers for homeowners

There’s also been an increase in eco-friendly conversions, in part due to the fact that people can make use of second hand containers, but also because you can create your own tiny home to your specifications. In fact, you can put together a great home in no time at all and have it transported anywhere in Australia. Containers are a great option to more traditional homes, cost much less to put together and offer a sustainable option for homeowners. Just add in a few shipping container windows and doors and you have the perfect home!

  • Reduces carbon footprint.
  • Eco-friendly housing option.
  • Offers a multitude of design options.
  • Multiple containers can be linked.
  • Affordable option to traditional housing.
  • Can be transported between locations.

Benefits of containers for business owners

Pop up retail spaces are taking advantage of the benefits that come with container conversions. The biggest benefit to retailers is their natural portability, allowing owners to move their pop up store to a variety of different locations. Whether that’s an outdoor car park, footy field, indoor exhibition hall or at the beach, as long as there’s enough space, you can open your pop up store anywhere. You don’t even have to prepare the site in any way, as soon as it’s landed, it’s good to go! 

Other great benefits of using a converted shipping container for your pop up store are its super-fast construction, heightened security (nobody gets through steel!), and that you can brand your business in a very unique way. In fact, since shipping container conversions are so popular, people tend to gravitate to them when they open as pop up stores. So it’s a great way to advertise your business.

  • Robust and secure for pop up shops.
  • Highly portable to any site.
  • Super-fast construction.
  • Unique branding opportunity.

For more information our AJPM shipping container windows and doors or for help deciding on the type of windows and doors are best for your conversion, call us on 07 32622384 today.

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