Superior ute canopy windows made to your custom sizes

Aussies love their Ute canopies because they give us so many options. If you’re a tradie they give you a secure space in the back of your truck to keep all your tools and equipment safe. If you want to use your Ute for a camping or fishing trip, a canopy keeps your tent, food, clothes, and everything else stowed away and out of the weather. You can even throw a mattress in the back of your Ute and sleep safely under the lockable canopy.

So why are we talking about Ute canopies? Well, it’s clear that AJ Plastics doesn’t make these canopies, but we do make fixed or sliding windows, either standard sizes or custom made, and they are ideal for canopies. Whether you design your own canopy or order one from a manufacturer, you can purchase standard size windows from us or we can design them to suit your exact specifications. 

Layouts for Ute canopies

The ideal layout for a canopy is a large open plan interior that can be fitted with a variety of aluminium drawer systems and a slide for your fridge). To finish off your canopy, you need lightweight, but tough and durable windows that can let in both light and fresh air. Whether you have a single or dual cab Ute, you can find a canopy to suit and we can design the windows to fit it!

Fixed windows for Utes

If you want quality fixed windows for your Ute canopy, you need to check out the AJ Plastics selection. We have two different styles of fixed windows: the AJ Plastics Australian made fixed windows made from acrylic sheeting or the Versatal fixed windows made from toughened glass and imported from Canada. 

AJ Plastics fixed windows

We make curved or flat fixed windows, but owners usually want the flat versions for their Utes. These acrylic windows lie flush to the canopy and come in a range of tints (dark, light or clear) and frame colours (black, white or mill). You can have a standard 2.5-inch (62.5mm) radius corner or a square L mitred corner, whichever suits your design style. We have lots of different standard sizes available, just give us a call and we will have it in the post ASAP!

Versatal fixed windows

Versatal fixed windows are considered to be the world’s leading bus and vehicle window suppliers. These windows are made with toughened glass that exceeds Australian Standards (ADR 08/01), so they are perfectly safe and long lasting. They come with a standard black frame, but other colours are available on request. They are also available in different tints (light, very light or clear) and in four sizes (450mm x 600mm, 650mm x 350mm, 700mm x 350mm, and 1000mm x 330mm), although the smaller sizes are more suitable for Ute canopies. Versatal fixed windows lie flush against the edge of your canopy and have a standard radius corner. The clamping frames are adjustable from 0 to 65mm, so just let us know the canopy wall thickness and we’ll have a window to suit. 

Sliding windows for Utes

AJ Plastics also manufacture sliding windows for Ute canopies, but we also supply Versatal push out or sliding windows. Sliding windows are very popular for the sides of canopies because they let fresh air into the back of your Ute. We can supply your sliding windows with or without a fly screen and they can be tinted or clear.

AJ Plastics sliding windows

Our Australian made sliding windows can be made from toughened safety ADR glass to any size or shape for your canopy (acrylic and poly options are available). They have a security lock to keep your valuables safe (internal or external locks), UV resistant seals, easy sliding features, optional flyscreen and either a standard radius corner or a mitred corner. Tints are light, dark or clear and the aluminium frame is either anodised or powder coated (multiple colours are available).

Versatal sliding or push out windows

This Canadian firm also supplies sliding windows that are perfect for Ute canopies. These windows come with a black frame, removable flyscreen and lightly tinted toughened glass that exceeds Australian Standards (ADR 08/01). Versatal sliding windows have an adjustable clamp to suit wall thicknesses of 0 to 65mm and sit flush against the canopy walls. These UV protected window frames are made from durable aluminium and come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 500mm to 1200mm widths and 350mm to 550mm lengths. 

Custom made windows for Utes

Since AJ Plastics is a manufacturing company, we can custom make your windows to suit your exact specifications. They are perfect for Ute canopies! Whether you want fixed or sliding windows, just give us the measurements and we will have your new windows ready in no time at all.

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