sliding window example

Quality sliding windows for your van, caravan, RV, motor home, horse Float, 4WD canopy, or camper. Sliding windows is a great way to promote air flow in your horse float or get a breeze in your caravan or 4wd Canopy. When ordering a sliding window you can have it supplied with or without a fly screen, your lock mounted internally or externally and window can be clear or have medium or dark tint. When it comes to ordering a sliding window simply tell us your cut out and we will make it fit. If your Caravan window needs to be ADR certified our range or Versatel windows in a standard, vertical and push out orientation have you covered.

  • Sliding window 4

    AJ Plastics Acrylic Sliding Window

    From $285.00 inc. GST
  • sliding window 12

    Custom AJ Plastics Acrylic Sliding Window

    $0.00 inc. GST
  • glass canopy window mainx800x800

    AJ Plastics Import Sliding Glass Canopy Window

    $250.00$290.00 inc. GST Sale!
  • sliding van window front

    Sliding Van Window

    $325.00$435.00 inc. GST
  • aj plastics acrylic pushout window 800x800 1

    AJ Plastics Acrylic Pushout Window

    $0.00 inc. GST