Custom marine windows

Large passenger boats and ferries need quick glass replacement, non stick windows and a multitude of sizes.

Large vessels like the MV Whalesong are proud to use and recommend A J Plastics Manufacturing boat windows.

Custom marine windows for ferries and boats

AJ Plastics Manufacturing are a leading supplier of custom marine windows for a variety of different boats and ferries in Australia. All our windows are Australian made and all our materials are also sourced in Australia, so they are 100% Australian!

We know that when you need new windows for your boat or ferry, you want top quality: you need your windows to arrive quickly, you want them to work flawlessly, and you want them the right size and shape. That’s why we provide custom windows that are manufactured to your exact specifications, and with our manufacturing operations tooled up, we can do it fast and efficiently. When large vessels like the MV Whalesong in Hervey Bay rely on our custom made marine windows, you know that you’re looking at a top quality product. 

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For boats and ferries, you have the choice between a fixed, sliding or pushout window. 

Fixed custom marine windows for boats and ferries

There are many areas on your boat or ferry where a sliding or pushout window isn’t suitable, so your only option is to install a fixed window. This allows light to flood into the interior of your boat, provides crew and passengers with an external view, and maintains security because the window can’t be opened. Made from 6063 T5 extruded aluminium alloy which is ideal for marine environments, we also suggest that you select anodised frames to provide protection against corrosion (frames are also available powder coated).

Our fixed custom marine windows are also available in acrylic, polycarbonate or ADR compliant toughened glass. You can also select the colour of the frame, tint colour (light or dark grey tints, or none if preferred), and round or square corners on the frame. 

Sliding custom made marine windows for boats and ferries

If you want to feel the ocean breezes flowing through your decks, then a sliding custom made marine window is ideal. You can customise all the same specs as for the fixed windows, selecting the tints, frame corners, frame colour, and the material for the window (acrylic, polycarbonate or ADR compliant glass). For sliding windows, the frames are also made from 6063 T5 extruded aluminium alloy with a positive locking system to ensure your boat or ferry is water tight. All our sliding windows come with a top quality lock, so they can be secured from the outside to keep everyone safe below deck.

Pushout custom marine windows for boats and ferries

If you prefer a pushout custom made marine window for your boat or ferry, we can manufacture it to your exact specifications. These pushout windows are strut assisted for easy opening and closing, and you can choose between a single-panel or a sliding pushout window. Materials are as above (6063 T5 extruded aluminium alloy, choice of frames, corner angles, and so on).

We guarantee all our work and ensure that you receive your delivery super-fast! So give us a call to discuss your requirements today!