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How to Care for your RV Windows

Do you need new RV windows? Travelling the road with broken, chipped or scratched windows is no fun, spoiling your view and becoming frustrating after a while. After all, owning an RV is a wonderful thing! To be able to take off whenever your feet get itchy and travel along roads that lead nowhere and everywhere!  An RV life is something to treasure, however the problem is that RVs need to be well maintained or else they deteriorate, and then life on the road isn’t so much fun. So for RV owners, maintenance is key, and with a well maintained RV ready and fuelled, you can take off whenever you want and go wherever you choose. Let’s take a look at some of the maintenance jobs you need to be on top of, so that the windows in your RV are kept in tip-top shape for your next road trip. These involve cleaning the windows and getting rid of scratches.

Keeping your RV windows squeaky clean

The best way to clean your RV’s windows is to hose them down first, because this removes any dirt, salt or sand that might scratch the windows, as you are cleaning them. Whatever you do, don’t use a bristle brush to clean your RV, as this can scratch both the windows and the paintwork.  You only want to use a very mild detergent to clean the RV windows and paintwork, and a good quality car detergent is more than suitable. Since most windows in RVs are made from polycarbonate or acrylic plastic (except the cab windows) they can be scratched easily. The reason that these materials are used for windows in the body of the RV is simply because they are lightweight and reduce the towing weight of the RV.  Since they can be scratched easily however, you want to use cleaning cloths or sponges that aren’t abrasive. Even old t-shirts can scratch these windows, causing further damage while you are cleaning them! The best option is to use something that won’t scratch your windows and both microfibre cloths and chamois leather ticks all the right boxes.

Getting rid of scratches in RV windows

If the scratches are only minor, you can often remove them using a mild abrasive polish, but you need to be careful not to make the situation worse. Some people use an electric polisher, which can work well, but again, make sure that you don’t cause even more damage.  It’s important that you avoid using meths on acrylic windows, as this will really make the situation a lot worse, creating a mass of tiny hairlike cracks, and the only solution being to replace the entire window. Really deep scratches might be fixed, but it’s best to consult your RV dealership or the dealer that services your RV for their opinion, as replacing it might be cheaper. Don’t forget to cover your RV when it’s not in use, otherwise it’s likely to get covered in bird or bat droppings, which raises a whole lot of other issues when you need to remove them! If you need to replace your RV windows, call AJ Plastics manufacturing on 07 3262 2384 or shoot us  an email today.