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window trims

Vehicle trims, doors and windows

AJ Plastics manufactures superior, durable and high quality vehicle windows and doors for a range of camper van and caravan applications.

We can manufacture our window trims and other products to custom sizes and specifications. No matter what you’re after, we can tailor a solution for you!

Perfect for sliding windows and doors


We fabricate our trim products onsite and under our team’s supervision. That’s why you can rest assured you’ll be getting high quality door and window trims.

Australian made

As an Aussie owned and operated company, all of our manufactured products are also Australian-made to national and international industry standards.

Windows – fixed or sliding

Our trims are versatile in design and functionality, and can be used for both fixed or sliding windows and doors.

Black colour

Coloured black, our trims are all designed to suit any application. They won’t just fit flush in your window or door frame, the sleek black colouring will fit perfectly aesthetically as well.


While we can make customised trims and other tailored accessory solutions, our standard window trim specifications are available in:

  • Straight lengths of 2 metres
  • Corner sets of 4 corners
  • Made to suit the standard radius of 62.5 millimetres (or 2.5 inches)