Gas Struts All Sizes

Your search for high quality gas struts at an affordable price ends here.

AJPM carries one of the largest ranges of gas struts in Australia. With gas stays for all kinds of trucks and trailer applications, whether you’re customising a canopy, carrying out a DIY on your caravan or working on your toolbox, we’ll have the right strut for you.

All of our gas rams are available in a stunning black finish and a highly functional nitride shaft. The gas stays from AJPM are available in lengths ranging from 195 millimetres to 830 millimetres.

If you can’t find the size gas strut you’re after, please contact our customer support. We’ll find or order in custom sizes just for your specific needs application.

Gas strut features

Quality control

Why do our factories conduct 20,000 cycle tests and spend 150 hours carrying our shaft salt exposure tests? 

To ensure absolutely premium quality control. We don’t believe in cutting corners because we only supply the highest quality products to our customers. From design and manufacture to testing and shipping, we ensure rigorous quality of standards across all of our products, gas struts included. 

Market proven

We don’t just stand behind our quality products, consumers do as well! Our gas struts are tried and tested in the market.

AJPM’s products can be found throughout Australia, because more and more caravan owners, trailer customisers and vehicle DIY-enthusiasts know that for the best hardware and accessories on the market–without the highest price tag–the only choice is AJPM.

Oil seal

AJPM’s full range of gas struts come completely oil-sealed and with a brass guided shaft. This ensures seamless functionality and durability for long into the future, even with frequent and heavy usage.

Make sure you only integrate the top struts into your toolbox, caravan, trailer or truck. Make sure you only choose AJPM.

Backup seal

The gas struts from AJPM are manufactured with an additional backup seal. This seal operates to ensure uninterrupted functionality in case the primary seal fails.

You’ll always enjoy complete peace of mind when you order your struts directly from us.


There’s nothing worse when your canopy or toolbox lid launches at you when you try to open it or collapse on you while you’re using or closing it. Safety and security is paramount.

That’s why our struts come with a dampener which prevents the struts from causing damage or harm and helps to alleviate the opening and closing mechanism for controllable and safe operation. 

Custom lengths

While our standard struts come in lengths between 195 millimetres and 830 millimetres, we understand that some applications need a custom length not offered amongst the standard options. 

The AJPM is dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect strut to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a custom product or want to find out how we can customise a product to suit your preferences and specifications, make sure to have a chat with our team today.

Understanding the AJPM difference

AJ Plastics Manufacturing isn’t your run of the mill manufacturer of plastic windows and related accessories. We’re the premier provider of everything and anything you need.

  • With 44 years of industry experience, we have the expertise you need to get the product you want.
  • Our windows and accessories are perfect for everything from shipping container conversions to horse floats, caravans, truck sleeper cabins and other vehicle manufacturers. 
  • Our exceptional customer service is reliable and here to help whenever you need.


Struts Extended Length Stroke Length Compressed Range Newtons of Force (n)
6 x 15 195mm
100n – 400n
100n – 400n
8 x 18 500mm
100n – 700n
100n – 700n
10 x 22 700mm
100n – 1200n
100n – 1200n

Stock Sizes Available, other sizes available by request conditions apply.