Australian made teardrop camper trailer doors

Perfect for your next trip

If you have treated yourself to a wonderful teardrop camper, then the AJP teardrop camper trailer doors are designed with your needs in mind. As an alternative to caravans, RVs and camper trailers, these tiny teardrop trailers are becoming all the rage. So if you have purchased one of these beauties or are designing, even renovating your own teardrop camper, then one of the things you’ll need is a new front door.

That’s where the AJP teardrop camper trailer doors come into the picture because they are designed specifically for these lovely little camper trailers.

Size of the AJP teardrop doors

The AJP teardrop doors are available in one standard size, but if this isn’t suitable for your teardrop camper, then we can design you a customised option very quickly. Simply contact our customer service team and provide us with the exact dimensions of the opening and we’ll have one ready for you in no time at all!

Dimensions of our standard size teardrop doors: 26” (660mm) width x 36” (915mm) height.

Features of the AJP teardrop camper trailer doors

Your teardrop door has a vertical sliding window, white outer skin and is either right or left handed, meaning that it can be fitted on either the driver or the passenger side of your camper trailer (you need to specify this latter feature when you place your order). White goes with everything, so it makes sense to offer this door in just one colour.

These teardrop camper trailer doors come with a double lock system for extra security, which includes a key lock and a deadbolt lock. Even if both of these are locked from the inside you can manually override these locks. This means that there is no way that anyone can become locked inside your teardrop camper. This is a great safety, as well as the perfect security measure.

The window slides up and down and is made from acrylic or glass, which can be tinted either a light or dark shade or left clear (specify these features when you place your order}. The tinting is a great feature because it helps to protect the interior of your camper from the hot sun and provides additional privacy. The bottom half of the window is fitted with a flyscreen so that when the window is open, it prevents mozzies, midges, flies and sand flies from filling up your trailer during the summer months. This fly screen allows you to have the window raised to let in a nice cooling breeze while keeping all the insects outside.

Then there’s a full length, heavy duty piano hinge that gives a smooth and seamless appearance to your door. Not forgetting that the inside of the door frame is lined with a marine grade neoprene tape seal that helps to make the door watertight and waterproof, giving it a good seal. Overall, these doors are a heavy duty, strong, secure and lightweight solution for your teardrop camper trailer project.

Installation of the AJP teardrop camper trailer doors is easy, because you just need to make sure that the door space exactly matches the dimensions of the internal flange.

  • Made in Brisbane Australia from local products.
  • Aluminium frame and screws.
  • Double lock system: key lock and deadbolt.
  • Locking can be manually overridden from the inside.
  • Acrylic or glass up/down sliding window.
  • Clear, light or dark tinted window.
  • Fitted with a flyscreen to the bottom half of the window.
  • Full length heavy duty piano hinge.
  • Marine grade neoprene foam tape seal installed around the interior perimeter of the door.
  • Internal flange making for easy installation.
Specifications Available Sizes (width x height)
Vertical Slide Window, White Outer Skin, Left Hand or Right Hand 26” (660mm) x 36” (915mm)
Vertical Slide Window, White Outer Skin, Left Hand or Right Hand  Custom size available please email customer service.