Caravan access door

This high quality caravan access door makes for the perfect addition to your caravan, bus, RV or trailer. Whether you’re simply replacing a previous access door or refurbishing your vehicle, there’s no better product on the market.

When you’re out on the road and heading off on adventures you need to make the most of all of your vehicle’s space. Space hidden behind the walls of your camper offers little pockets in which you can store a ton of handy items, objects and contents. That is, if you can access it!

That’s where the caravan access door from AJ Plastics Manufacturing comes in.

Our access doors unlock previously inaccessible storage spots. Caravans and trailers have limited space, so it’s important we make the most of every square inch.

Australian made and locally produced in our Brisbane factory, these access doors are designed by camping enthusiasts for campers!