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Everything you need to know about caravan hardware & accessories

AJPM are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom caravan windows and doors in Australia. We also sell an extensive range of caravan hardware and accessories, all of which are essential for your doors or windows. Our range of caravan accessories and hardware includes gas struts, ventilation parts, fasteners, locks and trims. If you need help selecting the right hardware or accessories for your caravan’s windows, doors or ventilation, don’t hesitate to give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page.

Custom caravan hardware & accessories

Upgrades or repairs on your caravan don’t have to break the bank, not with the AJPM range of caravan hardware and accessories. We have everything you need to repair or upgrade just about everything on your caravan, so let’s take a look at our range, so you can get on with your DIY project.

Gas struts

AJPM has one of the largest ranges of gas struts in Australia in a variety of standard sizes. Gas struts make short work of opening heavy lids on tool boxes or opening caravan windows or shades and even pop-top roofs. They are also ideal for lifting bench lids or beds when you want to access storage areas built underneath. Even exterior access doors can often use gas struts to make opening and closing them easier. 

There are a lot of uses for gas struts in caravans, but sometimes these gas struts need to be replaced or upgraded if the weight that needs to be lifted has increased. On other occasions, you might decide to install a gas strut where there wasn’t one before, simply because it’s going to make lifting something easier. 

All of our gas struts are tested thoroughly during our quality control program, so you can be sure they are all tried and tested for Aussie conditions. We have a range of standard sizes available, but we can also make custom sizes for your DIY project. If you’re not sure what size gas struts you need for your project, just give us a call and we can help you select the right ones for your needs. Gas struts are one of our more popular caravan accessories on the market.


Every caravan needs at least one ventilation point in the roof, whether that’s a pop up vent, rotary vent or a muller vent. AJPM has a large stock of all three vents available, but if you’re not sure which of these caravan hardware items are best for your project, just give us a call and we can help you out. As a quick guide, if you want an intake vent, then you need either a rotary or muller vent, not the pop up vent which is better suited for airing out your caravan. 

Pop up vents: These need to be mounted facing backwards, so they don’t let air to blast into your caravan when you’re driving. They are great for letting in fresh air and additional overhead light and have a super low profile.

Rotary vents: Similar to whirly birds, rotary vents encourage airflow and the movement of hot air out through the roof of your caravan. They do add additional height to your van, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Muller vents: These have a low profile and allow hot air to be withdrawn from the caravan as you’re driving along the road.


We have a number of different fasteners for your caravan, depending on the needs of your project. Our range of caravan accessories includes heavy duty tie downs, spring bolt fasteners, over centre fasteners and heavy duty over centre fasteners. 

Heavy duty tie downs: These are ideal for securing heavy loads where a flush mounting is needed. They are also spring loaded so that they spring back flush into the recess when not in use, preventing any rattling noises as you’re driving.

Spring bolt fasteners: These spring bolt fasteners are perfect for keeping drawers securely closed in transit, as well as holding down different size loads.

Over centre fasteners: These are ideal for securing your toolboxes and can also be fitted with a padlock for added security.

Heavy duty over centre fasteners: These are perfect for heavy duty tie down applications when travelling on the road or camping. 


Your caravan needs to be secured correctly, so we have a range of caravan hardware that includes locks for different applications. Check out our standard tongue folding T-handle, trailer door lock, large thumb press compression lock and our front fixing T-handle.

Standard tongue folding T-handle: This stainless steel folding T-handle is used for securing tool boxes, as well as caravan doors and access doors. The folding T-handle is a popular choice because of its ease of use and slimline profile. It’s perfect for coastal areas as it’s resistant to salt and is water resistant. It can also be locked with a key for added security.

Large thumb press compression lock: Another flush mounted option for your caravan that’s generally used for securing internal drawer systems. It’s a key locking option that’s very popular with caravanners.

Front fixing T-handle: This key locking handle works well with other locks, such as those with rod systems and slam latches. It features a square drive shaft and is water resistant. 

Trailer door lock: Featuring internal and external locking devices (key and deadbolt locking) for added security, but with manual overrides so no-one can be locked inside your caravan. Since it’s spring loaded, you can just slam the door shut and it locks automatically.

For help deciding which of our caravan accessories you need to complete your project or assistance ordering custom caravan hardware options, call us on 07 3262 2384 today.

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